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Round Table Meetups


What opportunities do our employees have to provide feedback?

It’s one of few questions which could easily help you to identify how healthy your organisation is. If your answer is “Well, we are open-minded. Our employees could always come to us and share what they don’t like” then I suggest you to review your approach on how you collect the feedback. Especially if there are more than 30 people in your company.

There are different types of feedback. In most cases they need to be collected in different ways. To understand how the things are going on a team level, daily or weekly team meetings are a great point to start with. However it may not be enough for a high-level feedback e.g. how satisfied people are with an organisation in general.

A couple of days ago I wrote how SC5 collects anonymous feedback. Being a nice practice it’s not the only one they have. SC5 has found another way to gain knowledge from their employees and involve them into the development of the whole company. They call it Round Table Meetups.

Every month Matti Vesterinen, CEO, Marjaana Murtomaa, HR Director, and six to ten employees meet outside the office on a chosen weekday and generally after work hours to openly and informally discuss what’s going on in the company. Anyone can sign up and join the meeting if they want to take part in the discussion. Only one “rule” exists: there should be no more than ten people so everyone has enough space to speak out.

They find it a constructive way to talk about things which may stay aside because of everyday routine. During the meetup one assigend person, usually Marjaana collects all ideas and wishes to her notebook. Later she shares them both in the internal wikipage as well as to a separate Trello board so everyone in the company can see what topics have been discussed.

During last several months I interviewed a number of leaders and change agents. Many of them say,

Only few employees want to be actively involved into change processes on an organisational level. At the same time EVERYONE wants to get heard.

Create multiple opportunities for your people to provide their feedback and make sure they use these opportunities.

SC5 is the fourth company joining Yay4Monday — a community of organisations who truly care about employees, their happiness and engagement. While we’re working on their profile, read stories from other companies. 



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